"Volleyball is a game of intuition. Imagination. Improvisation. But most of all, of reciprocity. Of teamwork. There is no way to freelance in volleyball."

Marv Dunphy




Reese Johnson


Reese plays on the Wolfgall volleyball team and also enjoys hanging out with friends, going shopping, and playing volleyball.

Paige Behnke


Paige is a member of the Wolfgal volleyball, basketball, and softball teams. During her free time, she enjoys swimming.

Nala O'Connor


Nala plays on the Wolfgals volleyball and softball teams and is a team manager for Wolfgal Basketball. She also participates in band, drama club, and enjoys writing music and making videos.

Mia Darrough


Mia participates in extreme travel volleyball, fuzion travel softball, Wolfgal volleyball, and Wolfgal softball. Last year, Mia was a starter on the JV volleyball team as well as on the Varsity softball Team. Aside from sports, Mia helps with food drives and animal shelters. She would like to play on another travel volleyball team.

Makynna McCraw


Makynna is on the Wolfgals volleyball team and club travel volleyball for Blue Blaze.

Mahek Desai


Mahek plays on the Wolfgals volleyball team and enjoys playing volleyball and traveling.

Kylie Stewart


Kylie is a member of the Wolfgals volleyball team. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends and traveling.

Katrina Leib


Katrina participates on the Wolfgals volleyball team and does track. During her down time, Katrina enjoys reading.

Jennifer Mason


Jennifer participates in Wolfgals volleyball, topspin travel volleyball, extreme travel volleyball, and Crossroad Thunder Travel volleyball. Apart from sports, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her friends and family, likes to travel, hunt, fish, swim, and do community service. She is a part of Coach's Jr. Pro Basketball and has served lunch to Veterans on Veteran's day for the past 10 years.

Jencie Behnke


Jencie participates in the Wolfgals volleyball and basketball teams. She received the Volleyball Blocking Award and LIC 1st Team All-Conference Selection in 2018. She enjoys swimming, drawing, spending time with family and friends, and working at concessions for baseball games.

Gracie Hibbetts


Gracie is a member of the Wolfgal volleyball and extreme travel volleyball teams and has received the Wolfgals volleyball hitting award. Gracie also enjoys community service and works with Fur A Good Paws.

Emma Osborne


Emma plays on the Wolfgals volleyball, basketball, and softball teams. When not playing sports, she enjoys swimming with her friends.

Elizabeth Butler


Elizabeth is a member of the Wolfgang volleyball team and also enjoys doing community service with the Clay County Cancer Crusaders.

Dani Henson


Dani plays on the Wolfgals volleyball and softball teams and enjoys playing sports, showing cows in 4-H, and hanging out with her family and friends.

Brynne Phillips


Brynne is a member of the Wolfgal volleyball and basketball teams which she has lettered in both.

Akira O'Connor


Akira is an active member on the Wolfgals Vollyeball team. She enjoys horseback riding, playing sports, and her youth group at church. She aspires to be a veterinarian.

Allie Krutsinger


Allie is a member of the Wolfgals volleyball, basketball, cheer, and extreme travel volleyball teams. When not participating in sports, she enjoys swimming.

Allie Parker


Allie plays on the Wolfgal volleyball, basketball, and softball teams. As a freshman, she was lettered in basketball and softball. Allie enjoys playing and watching sports and attends St. Stephen's Catholic church.

Allie Winters


Allie is a team member on both the Wolfgal basketball and volleyball teams and received a varsity letter in volleyball. Allie enjoys riding horses and is involved with the Young Riders Horse Camp, 4-H, FFA, FCCLA, and the Student Council.

  • District (3): 1976-77, 1977-78 (A), 1978-79 (A).

  • Regional (2): 2006-07 (A), 2007-08 (2A).

  • Sectional (2): 1976-77, 1977-78 (A).


Robinson Regionals


Monday, October 28th

Match 1 at 5:30pm: (8) Marshall vs. (9) Flora

Match 2 at 6:30pm:  (7) Robinson vs. (12) Lawrenceville

Tuesday, October 29th

Match 3 at 5:30pm: (1) Newton vs. Winner of Match 1

Match 4 at 6:30pm:  (4) Shelbyville vs. Winner of Match 2

Thursday, October 31st

Match 5 at 6:00pm:  Winner Match 3 vs. Winner Match 4 

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